TIME OUT, 17 April 2002

* Henri Oguike Dance Company

Rapidly becoming the British company to keep your eye on. Explicit immediacy. Oguike's bold yet detailed moves may leave you unresolved, but they lodeg under your skin. Afterwards you know you've experienced something genuine. 'Front Line' - a title implying courage and risk, as well as the existence of enemy or objective- hop-steps with brooding urgency over Shostakovich's Ninth String Quartet with a traditional, almost old-fashioned, music-propelled approach to gutsy energy and drama. 'In Broken Tendrils', set to Bartok's Second Violoin Concerto, is a mysterious collaborative experiment between choreographer and lighting designer Guy Hoare. Their technique is cinematic - nothing is overt yet the atmosphere is highly charged with ambiguity. Following these two 'heavy' pieces comes 'Ilé Ayé', a zippy delight set to songs from contemporary Brazilian troubadour Caetano Veloso, full of sun-and -surf sensuality coupled with articulate speed.


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