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David Dougill

Queen Elizabeth Hall

February 17, 2008

Rafael Bonachela’s dance piece is a fantastic light show (credit to Guy Hoare) and a hellish assault on the eardrums (thumbs down to the composer Marius de Vries). The six supple company dancers, in distressed white underwear, become human canvases in a play of crisscrossing light beams and zebra stripes – Amy Hollingsworth and Cameron McMillan, a focal couple, caught in a column of red light that pierces down onto the centre of a floor plan to which the enigmatic title refers. Concepts of memory and emotions are proposed, but not proved, in a work swamped by an indigestible mass of ideas and effects. Some gentler moments excepted, the choreography is strenuous, combative; convulsive rather than propulsive. In one passage, it looks and sounds as if they are all being electrocuted. To counter the heinous decibels of squeaks and splintery explosions from de Vries and his on-stage band, I recommend not earplugs, but the protection worn by road-menders using pneumatic drills.

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