THE STAGE March 23, 2000


Scottish Dance Theatre

John di Folco


Packaging, as those bright-eyed, marketing types will tell you, is everything. So by neatly slotting in two pieces by Peter Darrell Award winners Jan De Schynkel and Liz Roche with a couple by the Henri Oguike Dance Company, Scottish Dance Theatre have created a dream combination of novelty and freshness at the Repertory. In short, a package that is sure to delight, stimulate and even amuse audiences.

Whirling round five Brazilian songs, the mood of Oguike's Ilé Ayé is celebratory.

This is youth full of spontaneity, whooping it up in carnival spirit and all tightly choreographed to a loose-limbed deception. It is the perfect contrast to the calmer pace of Roche's To Time Taking Blush, an inventive, eloquent, elegantly costumed piece with lots of intertwined, taut musculature and twitchy robotic movements.

Prime Origin is a solo tour de force, danced by Ben Ash with a pair of chairs, to a Beethoven piano trio. Its inventive and expressive agility and fluid gesture is breathtakingly inspired.

The surreal and the theatrical are the compelling ingredients in De Schynkel's She is as He Eats, in which strongly visual, closely integrated routines and childlike ululating sounds and a total physical focus make for a stunning perfprmance.

Guy Hoare's lighting is a work of subtle art throughout.

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