Henri Oguike Dance Company, Robin Howard Theatre, The Place, London

Dance to the light fantastic

by Nadine Meisner

24 April 2002

Lighting is the moody new star of dance, delineating dark boundaries, sculpting foggy air, summoning lurking shadows and uneasy black holes. Any choreographer worth his or her new-generation credentials has murky lighting to die, or at least blink, for, and Henri Oguike is right in there, along with his lighting designer Guy Hoare. In melancholy thoughts, dancers prowl on changing squares of red and yellow light, fusing a contemporary restraint with half-remembered tango leg flicks. In shot flow, Oguike and Charlotte Eatock play hide-and-seek with dusty beams that travel from one side of the stage to the other, hands flaring as they catch the light.

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