Time Out

Sea of Bones
Donald Hutera

The Place, 17 Duke's Road, WC1H 9PY

Mark Bruce Dance Company Recommended

Fri May 18

Spring Loaded draws to a stylish close with this compelling chamber spectacle. Choreographer Mark Bruce is keen to fashion a kind of infernal, tribal and primal rock-cabaret mythology in dance.

Most of the time it works. Orpheus,Eurydice, Dionysus and the Bacchae plus other woad-daubed gods and goddesses stalk, slither and stagger through a smoky stage universe, but clad in a soldier's uniform, a waitress' apron or braces, bowler hats and denim mini-skirts. Not to forget the occasional goat mask, plus a collection of severed heads toted around by harpies with attitude. Split into two acts, and set to a galvanising soundtrack ranging from Tom Waits, Nick Cane and PJ Harvey to Scarlatti, Sonic Youth and The Kills, Bruce's episodic show functions in a state of controlled shell-shock. It's packed with teasing, striking images and strong moves including both lyrical duets and atomic group gyrations. You don't need to know the source stories to get a jolt from either the dancing or the staging, of which Guy Hoare's lighting is an outstanding feature.



- Donald Hutera May 2007

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